HAC reached Cooperation with ASB, Blockchain Alliance and GWC

2020-06-22 15:36:20 1000

According to HAC: Health Alliance Chain (HAC) has reached strategic cooperation with the Asian Blockchain Society, Blockchain Industry Alliance, and Great Wall Commune. The Asian Blockchain Society has combined resources from various parties to commit to blockchain academic exchanges and general education to the public. 

TheBlockchain Industry Alliance hopes to realize the transformation and upgrading of the blockchain industry and improve the industry's overall competitiveness. Great Wall Commune is a community dedicated to the popularization of blockchain knowledge and will provide community support for the expansion of HAT projects in the future. 

Health Alliance Chain (HAC) is based on blockchain technology, with the token economy as the link, and the mission of "Building a New Value Chain for the Global Health Industry" to create a digital economy value-added service platform for the global health industry. Health Alliance Token (abbreviated as HAT) is the only value circulation token in the HAC health alliance chain. It is a digital asset that measures participants' contribution to HAC, and it is also the link of all value circulation in the platform. 

While, HAT circulates and consumes in the HAC ecosystem and its strategic partner platforms, forming a virtuous circle of token ecology.