Science: the successful drawing of cancer gene blueprint may promote the process of individualized medical treatment

2020-09-27 15:38:52 admin 1039

In a recent article published in science, researchers have mapped out a blueprint of pathological genes related to mainstream cancer, showing how differences in the expression of each protein affect the survival of patients. The successful drawing of this blueprint will contribute to the development of precision medicine and individualized cancer treatment.

The blueprint is based on an analysis of 17 major cancer types in 8000 patients, along with survival data. Using supercomputer technology, a total of 2.5 Pb of data can be analyzed, and more than 900000 survival charts are claimed, which describe in detail the relationship between protein and RNA expression differences in vivo and the clinical survival time of patients.

This article reveals many important discoveries in the field of cancer biology. First of all, it found that some genes are differentially expressed in cancer tissues, and in most cases, these changes will affect the survival of patients; in addition, the study also found that there are significant differences in the expression of a specific gene in different tumor tissues. The shortening of patients' life span is accompanied by the increase of the expression of some genes related to cell division and growth, as well as some genes related to cell division and growth These data also suggest that the establishment of a genome-wide individualized metabolic model for cancer patients can help to identify key genes related to tumor growth.