NGS technology for detection of HIV drug tolerance mutations approved

2020-09-14 15:42:25 admin 818

According to the World Health Organization (who) data show: with the extensive development of HAART, the concurrent growth of HIV drug tolerance will offset the role of antiretroviral drugs in inhibiting the progress of HIV and AIDS, which will destroy the efforts of scientists for many years. The emergence of HIV resistant mutations and the spread of drug-resistant strains lead to the failure of HAART, which has been more and more concerned in recent years Note.

Researchers from Vela diagnostics, a Singapore based company, filled the gap by developing the first ngs technology for detecting HIV drug tolerance mutations, Sentosa sq HIV-1 genotyping technology can realize automatic RNA extraction, library construction, template preparation, sequencing, data analysis, and generate pathological reports and quality control reports. It can also trace samples, and seamlessly integrate and connect with the laboratory information system. It received the European Union's in vitro diagnostic equipment license (ce-ivd) on August 21. It is the first in vitro diagnostic product approved for clinical use in the detection of HIV resistance. And last month, the product was licensed by Australia's TGA.

According to genomeweb, the reagent provided by this system can be used for HIV-1 protease / reverse transcriptase / integrase gene mutation detection, which can process clinical samples with HIV viral load as low as 1000 copies / ml; the variation frequency is as low as 5% in 4000 copies / ml virus load; the clinical sensitivity, 99.82% of variation detection accuracy and 100% of variation detection accuracy are shown in all three target areas Reproducibility.