The Recently Emerged XX Medical Chain Has No Relation with the HAC

2020-08-11 14:44:38 695

The recently emerged xx medical chain has no relation with the Health Alliance Chain (HAC). Its issued tokens have the same name with the HAC token, causing trouble and inconvenience to the users.

The statement is as follows: HAC will launch an ecological token HAT soon. HAT is the only value token of the HAC health alliance chain. Currently, it does not listed on any exchanges and there is no market trading activities and marketing model yet. Community members please check the HAC health alliance chain and the HAT value token to protect your rights!

Health Alliance Chain (HAC) is based on blockchain technology, with the token economy as the link, and the mission of "Building a new value chain for the global health industry" to create a digital economy value-added service platform for the global health industry. Health Alliance Token (abbreviated as HAT) is the only value circulation token in the HAC health alliance chain. It is a digital asset that measures participants' contribution to HAC, and it is also a link to all value transfer in the platform. At the same time, HAT circulates and consumes in the HAC ecosystem and its strategic partner platforms, forming a virtuous circle of token ecology.

 Health Alliance Chain (HAC) has obtained strategic investments from BLOCK ECO FUND, Huachuang Shanggu Capital, Damo Capital, APAY ECO FUND, Stellar Capital, Niukou Capital, Quantking Asset Management Network, Moon Capital; and reached strategic cooperation with Asian Blockchain Society, Shenzhen Blockchain Industry Alliance, Great Wall Commune, Blockchain Research Center of Industrial Research Industry Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, and Quantking Asset Management Network ; and became an ecological partner with Huobi Indonesia.

At present, the XX medical chain and HAT hat coin appearing on the market are suspected of plagiarism and confusion. The HAC Health Alliance Chain hereby specifically declares any market announcement information about the HAC or HAT official brand logo please check the release of the official channel of Health Alliance Chain (HAC)! Do not believe other channel. In response to plagiarism in the market, HAC will retain legal responsibility, please consciously amend it immediately. Thank you HAC community members for your continued support and recognition of HAT.

 Market has risk, the investment should be cautious.