The HAC Health Alliance Chain was founded by the Health Alliance Foundation. HAC is devoted to the public chain of HAC that provides token economic value services for global health assets with blockchain technology.It focus on blockchain infrastructure and platform core technologies, communicate anonymous P2P network protocols and original two-layer consensus algorithms and etc. to achieve high-level scalability and centralization, providing a one-stop solution for the sustainable development of the global health industry.


HAC will build a universal underlying blockchain protocol to provide a fair and open value service platform. The HAC ecology will combine the world's top life sciences and the resources of the great health industry to fully empower the various links of the "health research and development-production-sales-consumption-investment-finance" of the great health industry, and use tokens to record and reward all industry participants and contributors, to create a brand-new win-win economy.

Health Alliance Token (abbreviated as HAT) is the only value circulation token in the HAC health alliance chain. It is a digital asset that measures participants' contribution to HAC, and it is also a link to all value transfer in the platform. Users can obtain HAT by mining in the HAC ecosystem. At the same time, HAT circulates and consumes in HAC ecology and its strategic partner platforms, forming a virtuous circle of token ecology.


On the HAC platform, the token incentives obtained by the ecological participants will be issued on the chain. The user has his own key and has control over the account. Only those who hold the key can get the assets in the account. Rewards are automatically issued by the system, and the rules will be publicized on the chain, and the data on the chain will be publicly available, giving everyone the power to supervise. The user's active behavior will be rewarded with tokens. The more frequently the platform is used, the more rewards will be obtained, and the wealth effect will increase the user's activity.

The number of tokens in the platform is fixed and will never issue more. The value of the token will not be lost due to system inflation. On the contrary, the value of the token will increase with the number of users of the platform. This is good for early participants and an incentive for early members of the community.